The Friday Refrain: Your Weekly New Music Digest

Hey it's Friday. Let's check out the music of the week and get a little respite because there's a lot going on out there in the world. Good reason to make and listen to music. Though I have to say there is a lot of heavy in these albums today too. Brandi Carlile's new album By The Way, I Forgive You is a title aimed at a pastor who wouldn't baptize her when she was younger because of her sexuality. Laurie Anderson & the Kronos Quartet released an album today, Landfall, about Hurricane Sandy. And Superchunk goes political with What A Time To Be Alive. Beyond that we have Pianos Become The Teeth's Wait For Love and Car Seat Headrest's Twin Fantasy. That is a fun story, Twin Fantasy originally came out in 2011 but he rerecorded it with the ability to do more than he was able to back then.

Hey, I did it. A list! This is what I found came out last week Friday!

And it's been so long since I tried to find a common thread amongst album names and bands, so we're going to ease back in slowly with


  • GoGo Penguin, A Humdrum Star
  • The Wombats, Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life
  • Chemtrails, Calf of the Sacred Cow
  • Atlas Moth, Coma Noir
  • Legend of the Seagullmen, Legend of the Seagullmen
  • Good Tiger, We Will All Be Gone

Okay time to get to the rest of my work but here we are on the upswing. Oh and I think one of my more interesting listens from last week was the self titled Honey Child. Reminds me of last year's choral collective Deep Throat Choir and their album Be Ok.  Oh and totally listen to that GoGo Penguin album. I think it really picks up in the last half. Kinda hitting a jazz kick because I liked the John Raymond album too, specifically the track, "Fortress." Woah - I do have things to say and suddenly I feel this wave coming over me I think it's because I have - BUNKA POWER! (like Punky Power you know) Anyway, couple things you can pour over your ears and Happy Listening everyone!

ps. the new Kylie Minogue single!