The Friday Refrain: Your Weekly New Music Digest

Buckle up folks because the Fall Onslaught has begun! From here on out, I will have albums spewing out my ears I almost guarantee it. So let's kick in: The National release Sleep Well Beast and I have expectations because well Arcade Fire and LCD Soundsystem have really delivered, so hopefully The National will as well. Can I also indulge in just how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching them perform? They are amazing. Alt rockers Deerhoof release Mountain Moves and Ted Leo goes it alone without his pharmacists on The Hanged Man. Neil Young is releasing a long lost album, The Hitchhiker, as well today. Piano Songstress Tori Amos is back with Native Invader. Speaking singer-songwriters, Jack Johnson returns as well with All The Light Above It Too. Today is the day Gregg Allman's final album, Southern Blood hits shelves. Country star Toby Keith has somem Bus Songs for us it seems. Duluth songwriter Charlie Parr releases Dog. And let's round it up with a personal dance pop favorite - DEV is back withI Only See When I'm Dreamin'. Speaking of which, I'm just going to slip that on now.

I only see when I'm making THE LIST - aggregated from 4 sources and genrefied by moi.

I'm going to switch it up a bit this week. Let's drift back in time three years ago and take a looksy at what came out.

  • Meghan Trainor, Title
  • Ariel Pink, Put Your Number In My Phone
  • Delta Spirit, Into the Wide
  • Karen O, Crush Songs
  • Ryan Adams, Ryan Adams
  • In Flames, Siren Charms
  • Pere Ubu, Carnival of Souls
  • Perfume Genius, Grid
  • Robert Plant, lullaby and... the ceaseless roar
  • SBTRKT, Higher
  • Tennis, Ritual in Repeat
  • Vance Joy, Dream Your Life Away

Well that was kinda cool but I was hoping for some sort of, "Wait, they existed back then?" But then maybe I just didn't catch something cool like that either. It's hard finding all the releases and such. Anyway, I'll throw together a spotify list this weekend if my spotify decides to work with me again. but until then, Happy Listening!