The Friday Refrain: Your Weekly New Music Digest (Saturday Edition)

Welcome to the Saturday Friday Refrain! The edition of your normal new music update where I ran into sleep issues with the young one and give up on Friday altogether. On that bright note, let's see what came out yesterday -

*crickets* Ahem, so I looked but really the only big thing I found yesterday was LCD Soundsystem's return to the music scene with American Dream. Indie rockers Mogwai are back with Every Country's Sun and singer-songwriter rocker Jake Bugg released Hearts That Strain.

Labor over this List of last week's releases - aggregated and genrefied as many as i listened to.

And then the lists of odd themes I noticed, trends in the titles, a common thread amongst the masses, well, just a fun little thing I like to do...

Depressing/Existential Album Titles

  • Baby in Vain, More Nothing
  • Chris Forsyth & the Solar Motel Band, Dreaming in the Non-Dream
  • Angelo De Augustine, Swim Inside The Moon
  • Blank Range, Marooned With The Treasure
  • Crafteon, Cosmic Reawakening
  • Ema, Exile in the Outer Ring
  • Vatican, Ache of Eternity
  • PVRIS, All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need of Hell
  • Noothgrush, Question the Purpose of Human Existence
  • For The Win, Heavy Thoughts

Album Titles That Would Also Be Good Book Titles

  • Machine Woman, When Lobster Comes Home
  • Portico, Art in the Age of Automation
  • Pinact, The Part That No One Knows
  • Tera Melos, Trash Generator
  • The Fresh & Onlys, Wolf Lie Down
  • Wiki, No Mountains in Manhattan
  • Ian Felice, In The Kingdom of Dreams
  • Dead Lord, In Ignorance We Trust

Well that will do it for this week. Check out the Spotify playlist to find out some things I liked from the week plus a plausibly almost coherent playlist of the above combinations... We'll see where the day leads. The sun is coming out and now I want to do things like take a shower and get ready for the day. Until next time - Happy Listening!

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