The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

CANDYYYYYYY! It's National Candy Day. So I'm going to eat some candy while I drink my coffee and write this here Refrain. It is beautiful out and I'm starting to regret that I made plans for a 4:00 movie today. I mean, who thought it would be 70 in Minnesota in November? Not me. (well sometimes, not really surprised, I mean, we haven't hit freezing yet) Hopefully a Half Pints will appear magically this week, but my co-host is under the weather so we couldn't record last night. But I did live tweet albums I liked on our twitter account, @halfpints, but I'll probably also mention those bands later, so it might be redundant but... whatever anyway. That was just going to become circular.

RELEASES OF TODAY. Bon Jovi is back with This House Is Not For Sale. English singer-songwriter Shirley Collins returns after 30 years with her album, Lodestar. Staying across the pond for a moment, Susan Boyle releases A Wonderful World today. A couple rap/hip-hop releases: A$AP Mob with Cozy Tapes, Vol. 1: Friends and Talib Kweli with Awful People Are Great At Parties. Former lead singer of Mazzy Star Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions release Until the Hunter. Alicia Keys is Here. Billboard charters The Chainsmokers return this year with Collage EP. Lead singer of My Morning Jacket (and household favorite) Jim James released Eternally Even. And Netflix original series The Beat Bugs release their Best of Season 1 & 2 which I am going to check out as soon as I'm done with Sarah & Duck, the best cartoon ever.

Sarah & The List. Quack. (you'd get it if you watched the intro of the show.)

So... someone woke up early. Which means I'm just going to list my Liked pile:

Twin Limb, Haplo - Cat Power vibe to her voice for sure

The Wind And The Wave, Happiness is not a Place - poppier fun and sweet

The Olympians, The Olympians - amazing instrumental soul

Nina Diaz, The Beat is Dead - It's got some teeth this album.

Miniature Tigers, I Dreamt I Was A Cowboy - Another one I tweeted, this is just fun rock

Mannequin Pussy, Romantic - rock.

Madness, Can't Touch Us Now - another rock one.

The Legal Matters, Conrad - okay this is getting hard to do. Describing, while handling the wee one on my lap eating toast as he tells me "Yeah" or "No. No. Done." to albums I am sampling.

Muuy Biien, Age Of Uncertainty

Pyur, Epoch Sinus

Noiserv, 00:00:00:00

GFOTY, Call Him A Doctor

Future States, Casual Listener

Car Bomb, Meta

Lara Downes, America Again

Slothrust, Everyone Else

Honeyblood, Babes Never Die

Casper Skulls, Lips & Skull

Brandt Brauer Frick, Joy

Sorry about that at the end there. Just want to get this posted today. I'll post a spotify list later this weekend, so follow bunkamade on Spotify or check back here for the update. Until then, Happy Listening!