The Friday Refrain: Saturday Edition!

Two Saturdays in a row? What a treat! Well, last night was my fall recital - Halloween themed and everything. It was a hit and a lot of fun. Can't wait to do another one in a couple of years. All right, are you ready?

It's beginning to look a lot like the Christmas season is coming up. More albums have piled up under the Christmas Album Christmas Tree: She & Him, Christmas Party, Neil Diamond, Acoustic Christmas; Kacey Musgraves, A Very Kacey Christmas; Tommy Emmanuel, Christmas Memories; Jimmy Buffett, Tis The Season, and Jennifer Nettles, to Celebrate Christmas. Also released yesterday, Lou Barlow  and Apocalypse Fetish. Nada Surf with Peaceful Ghosts. Pussy Riot are back with a 3 song, xxx and I believe it has something to do with politics. Tove Lo returns with Lady Wood. Kenny Chesney has a Cosmic Hallelujah. Fujiya & Miyagi release EP2. Empire of the Sun bring the dance with Two Vines. Dee Snider has a solo album, We Are The Ones. Charli XCX released the single, "After The Afterparty." And Avenged Sevenfold round out the big releases with The Stage. (At least that's what I'm going with.)

Trick or Treat Smell My Feet This is What Last Week's List Smelled Like.

Things I Liked or Might Like when I get another listen:

Piers Faccini, I Dreamed An Island - This is a singer-songwriter with an worldly twist to his guitarering. Yeah, I just made up a new word. Guitarering: How one plays the guitar and yes, Raulie, I'm going to go write it in the Bunka Scrabble Dictionary as soon as I'm done with this.

John K. Samson, Winter Wheat - Singer-songwriter with a band this one is.

Pelander, Time - This is the dude from Witchcraft with an acoustic singer-songwriter vibe album. You know, sometimes I just get into a sound and it's just the thing I like that week.

Hooton Tennis Club, Big Box Of Chocolates - upbeat CA rock guitar tones and such.

Beef Jerk, Tragic - I think there's somethig tongue in cheek about this band? It's good, it's been out for a year in Australia but just came out in the U.S.

Joshua Breakstone, 88 - Guitar jazz. The sweet crisp tone of his guitarering is pretty nice.

Weyes Blood, Front Row Seat To Earth - this sort of slow burning music isn't always my jam but I find her voice inviting. I just have a hard time sitting still these days.

Streets of Laredo, Wild - This falls under my Grouplove/Cage the Elephant/Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Fields umbrella.

Savoy Motel, Savoy Motel - these guys like T. Rex. A lot. But somehow I just kept listening, and soon I was at the end of the album and hadn't realized it. So, there's something there.

The Radio Dept., Running Out Of Love - that 80s pop dance sound I like with the reverb/echoy vocals.

Maker, Maker Vs Now-Again 3 -  this is a fun album to put on any weekend night

Joan As PoliceWoman, Let It Be You - this album has many sides to it as a singer-songwriter with a groove.

The Fat Babies, Solid Gassuh - I'm a sucker for 20's/30's jazz.

 Ecos De Borinquen, El Alma De Puerto Rico: Jibaro Tradition - Oh this is good, but isn't most things from the Smithsonian Folkways?

Communist Daughter, The Cracks That Built The Wall - of the Minneapolis scene, this is a good band to delve those feelings into.

Bruce Williams, Private Thoughts - A different sort of jazz than earlier noted, this one is more of the modern sort

The Blind Shake, Celebrate Your Worth - good old rock

ESP Ohio, Royal Cyclopean - I'll probaby be told I'm wrong but I think if you like Robert Pollard you should check this out.

So I wasn't going to do a list, and then I decided to. Then the boy woke up. Then I made a snake calzone and the dough seam ripped leaving snake guts spiling out which made it even more awesomely Halloweeny. There were many things that happened between when I started this and when it ended. Mainly to say, had I just decided not to do the list, this would have been up hours and hours ago. But then you wouldn't know I pretty much love 20's/30's jazz and that you need to put on Maker vs. Now-Again 3 right now and with that my friends, Happy Listening!