The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

It's the week before Halloween and the commercial world is ramping up to Christmas. Which means mucho releases this week. But what about last week? What happened to all those releases? Do they just evaporate into thin air? No. They're still here. Waiting. Crying. Wishing it was still their week but no, those mean new releases pushed them off the limelight into the cobwebs. But it's okay. Here I come to rescue them.

Wait. I'm just going to stop there or I might not ever. It is Friday and I do have some things to say about music though so here we go

Wheeeeee! The List of week past!

Today, our big fish are 5 Seconds of Summer with Sounds Good Feels Good. Synthy indie from across The Pond Hot Chip and Dancing in the Dark (yes they do cover the actual song). Megastar Carrie Underwood released Storyteller today. Remember back in the early 2000s when piano started to be cool again instead of not? Vanessa Carlton definitely lent a single to that craze, and here she is again with Liberman. Veterans of the music scene Rod Stewart and Harry Connick Jr have albums out individually not together, that would be crazy. So much iconic smiling. Anyway Mr. Stewart has Another Country and Mr. Jr has That Would Be Me. And Opera guy Andrea Bocelli is here with a film influenced album titled Cinema. So that's that, eh.

Last week... Well it's a Half Pints Whole Notes week so head over to csicon to check out latest episode hopefully posted later today or this weekend. And podcast weeks suck up my listening time, so I didn't get much of a chance to do more than what we review in the show. But here are few things to put a dime into the jukebox for if it's your fancy...

In your face rock, punk, whatever... I really have a narrow vision of punk, so I have a hard time using that but the aggressiveness is there and it's raw and short, Skinny Girl Diet, Reclaim Your Life.

Some good old weekend morning lazing country? Edward David Anderson, Lower Alabama: The Loxley Sessions

Maybe you desire some reggae/dub? Try out Lee Scratch Perry, Mr Perry I Presume

Perhaps you really loved when Offspring and Blink 182 were huge? Throw on Zebrahead, Walk the Plank for some new blood.

And it's Halloween season, I have to round up the evil sounding ones (whether they are or not)

Rival Consoles, Howl

Never Young, New Villain

Magenta, Songs for the Dead

Lenkemz, Skeletonz

Foreveratlast, Ghosts Again

Zombi, Shape Shift

All right that's all I got. You all have a fun weekend and Happy Listening!