The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

Welcome to Friday everyone! It's gotten blustery outside and the wind is definitely howling that cold times are coming but the music is hot! Hee hee... um, yeah. Do you ever just stare out the window at cars that park in front of your home? I do. Though we kinda live on a busy street and most of the time it's just people figuring out directions, or probably killing time like I have to do sometimes between lessons. Which is why I usually park in the far corners of parking lots. So much less suspicious, right? Maybe not. Anyway...

Frontloading The List! There it is. Almost at 140 releases for last Friday.

And today? Well, it was almost going to be awesome. I thought I had a perfect trifecta. First, off !!! released As if. Then I find Here We Go Magic also has one out today, namely Be Small. And then... Then I was certain that The Go Team or OK Go were also supposed to have something today, but I was wrong. I had been looking forward to this release day for at least month with that knowledge in my head. Maybe some of you are trying to find the connection - they're all band names with action in them. At least I consider three exclamation points to be action. Maybe you don't. Maybe you think Computer Magic (Davos), Here We Go Magic, and Majical Cloudz (Are You Alone?) are a better trifecta. That's cool too. A little more obvious, but it's cool. Maybe I was thinking of Holly Golightly & the Brokeoffs with Coulda Shoulda Woulda. That fits. So we'll go with that.

What's that? You're wondering if more big names have releases today? Uh... Pop star Demi Lovato is back with Confident. Coheed & Cambria (who I don't get, and I get excited to listen to them and then I just... It just... I know a lot of people really like them and their Prog-Rock/Pop-Metal but I just don't know) released The Color Before The Sun. And Beach House has their 2nd album of the year out today, Thank Your Lucky Stars. This is becoming a thing isn't it? Multiple releases in a year. I blame Robert Pollard who is probably secretly gunning for some sort of Guinness World Record. If you just can't stand pop music and would rather listen to today's hottest songs sung by children, then you're in luck because Kidz Bop 30 is finally out today. And lastly you can get your acapella on with the eponymous Pentatonix album.

Sppooky listening...

Not really, I'm just going to lump all the albums or bands with Halloween-esque stuff together in a list now.

The Spook School, Try To Be Hopeful - Pretty solid indie rock.

Zomby, Let's Jam!! - Electronic music

Monster Magnet, Cobras & Fire - Some sort of hard rock prog rock stuff?

Kill The Noise, Occult Classic - More electronica

Evil Blizzard, Everybody Come To Church - Kinda heavier rock.

Chavo, Don't Wake The Dead- I don't know what this is. It's a guy making different songs. I know that much.

Cold Chisel, The Perfect Crime - bluesy rock

Okay, it has become very apparent to me that I need a nap. And this is my chance. Take what you will from today, namely that I'm pretty tired, and I hope something piques your ears. Happy listening!