To Listen 5

Before another week of releases hits us, I figure it's time to come up for some air and talk about things I've been listening to, or putting on a pin in for later. (Put a pin in it is probably one of my favorite phrases ever invented)

1. David Chesky, Trio In The New Harmonic: Aural Paintings - This angular jazz-ish experimental landscape is interesting. I like to use music to visualize - the textures and patterns create actual frameworks in my head, so do the chords and key but that's way more subjective... or is it? How many people see E minor in grimey pale blue? Anyway, this is a good stop and think album.

2. Did you need some guitar screeched fuzziness to add to your life lately? Yes? Well then no worries, Fleabite are here to help. NVM is that kind of fuzzed noisy sound that makes my brain shut up and just nod my head along.

3. Ina Wroldson, Hex - this is poppy singer-songwriter. "Mine" is like a dirge version of "Bass Down Low" so maybe that's what drew me to it.

4. Blank Tapes, Candy - "Standing alone at the party/been waiting in a bathroom line/thinking of you while I was drinking too/i guess it's sad but it's in my miiiind" With chill guitars and a slow chug, this unassuming album is a perfect cold beer and hot weather music laying on the Kinks side of my summer album love.

5. Gwenifer Raymond, You Were Never Much Of A Dancer - if I were to start a thread of old band ideas through this suddenly I would say that some of the songs on this album remind me of "Moonlight Mile" guitarwork, but then there's also banjo, that country folksy blues sound and it's just a nice pickin album.