The Friday Refrain: Your Weekly New Music Digest

Well well well well well well... Looks like snow outside my window today. I only feel okay because we're not the only ones on the block who haven't raked our lawn. But there is new music to be had and have it we shall! Country singer Lee Ann Womack released The Lonely The Lonesome & The Gone today. 90s CA rockers  leaning a bit more mainstream or is the mainstream leaned more to them now? Weezer return with Pacific Daydream. Bootsy Collins released World Wide Funky today. On the pop side of things, Kelly Clarkson is back with Meaning of Life, another won't-back-down-type-hit Rachel Platten who is known for "Fight Song" released Waves. Stereophonics are here with Scream Above the Sounds. Let's add Hanson to the pile of Christmas releases, Finally It's Christmas. Then we'll hit up the metal a bit because Halloween, so there's really a pile of metal hidden in next week's List, Powerman 5000 out with New Wave and Blut Aus Nord with Deus Salutis Meae. We'll wrap up on the rap side of things with Snoop Dogg's Make America Crip Again and Big K.R.I.T.'s 4eva is a Might Long Time.

Listening to this List would take a long time - or rather last week's albums aggregated and genrefied by moi.

Lists galore today! Lists abound! Things I found with a common thread amongst last week's releases...

Getting a little Cosier...

  • Angella Christie, Intimate Conversations
  • Colleen, A Flame My Love, A Frequency
  • The Movements, Feel Something

Or maybe not so cosy...

  • CyHyra, Letters To Myself
  • Dori Freeman, Letters Never Read
  • I The Mighty, Where the Mind Wants To Go/Where You Let It Go
  • Tracy Bryant, A Place For Nothing and Everything in its Place
  • Turnpike Troubadours, A Long Way From Your Heart
  • Death, Individual Thought Patterns
  • And So I Watch You From Afar, The Endless Shimmering


  • Bell Witch, Mirror Reaper
  • Bill MacKay, SpiderBeetleBee
  • Buffalo Killers, Alive & Well In Ohio
  • Cut Worms, Alien Sunset
  • Dan Tyminski, Southern Gothic
  • Gel Set,  Body Copy
  • Jade Bennett, Death Time Love
  • Low Estate, Covert Cult Of Death
  • The Other, Casket Case
  • Then Comes Silence, Blood
  • Weldon Irvine, Spirit Man
  • Wormwood, Moon Curse

Okay so I always feel like the spooky one during this month is a cheat or a given, depending on your outlook - but every year it works out, so there it is. And tune in this Sunday for my To Listen Top 5. Yep, I'm breaking it up and making more posts. But right now I have to go because there is a tiger cake baking in the oven and I hope it turned out. Why do I have such a problem marbling cake? It just doesn't make sense to me, but hopefully it's been accomplished. If not, well, that's why this is the test cake. And until the next time, Happy Listening!