The Friday Refrain: Your Weekly New Music Digest

Sometimes I get a little one-track-minded and perhaps I wrote an entire blog post and then decided to do something else without saving my progress and perhaps I lost that entire blog post. And then perhaps I decided to just drop it and do it today. Perhaps.

Perhaps of the Edmund Fitzgerald song fame, George Thorogood, released Party of One yesterday. Speaking of songwriters of note, Dan Wilson released Re-Covered as well. Let's hit the trifecta of songwriters with Randy Newman's new album Dark Matter. Country star Brett Eldredge continues the eponymous/self-titled trend of the year with, you guessed it, Brett Eldredge. And finally, The Claypool Lennon Delirium released Lime & Limpid Green, an EP that is delightful and really showcases how well Les Claypool and Sean Lennon are a great musical pairing.

Pair this List of last week's releases aggregated from several sources and genrefied by me.

I almost had a list of opposites but it doesn't quite flesh out... So instead here again is a few albums that I liked from the week, also check out the Spotify playlist below for even more.

Stuff I liked This Week

  • James Yuill, A Change In State - this singer-songwriter with a slightly more indie pop tinge didn't really bring me in until the song "Two Faces" which is a really well done song in my opinion. Your opinion may vary.
  • Katie Von Schleicher, Shitty Hits - If you like Angel Olson, I think you should give this a shot. Or if you don't like Angel Olson, you almost do but something just doesn't get you, also give this a shot.
  • Lava Divers, Plush - I tweeted about this one and I wanted to give it another shout out. Pretty awesome indie rock album. Also, what's with me and Brazil? I really like Brazil indie rock lately.
  • Umm, Double Worshipper - this is a fun indie rock album.

I guess I'm just in more of a rock mood this week. Don't worry, I'll diversify again. It's just high tide summer and that's kinda rock/pop time for me. Anyway, check out the Spotify, follow me on twitter (@bunkamade) and Happy Listening!