The Friday Refrain: Your Weekly New Music Digest

Good day to everyone! I hope you have injested as much coffee or other daytime beverage of your desire as you have needed. I am maintaining a very delicate balance of caffeination/over-caffeination as I woke up before I would have desired, but that is neither here nor there. There is a new Pint Notes episode coming your way this weekend, so stop by to check that out. And now for what's happening on the music scene today.

The Feelies are back again with In Between. Country band Little Big Town is back with The Breaker. If you liek At the Drive-in, The Melvins and Le Bucherettes then make sure to check out Crystal Fairy's eponymous album as it has a member from each of those bands. I kid you not, last week my son picked out Clap Your Hands Say Yeah's first album and we listened to it, thinking of how much I love that album and what is going on with it lately? Well today of all days Clap Your Hands Say Yeah releases The Tourist! Also on my list of what I will listen to first: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard are releasing five albums this year, the first of which is today titled Flying Microtonal Banana. Because why wouldn't it be? And I loved the last Old 97s albums so I'm excited to dive into Graveyard Whistling as well. (I mean the single with Brandi Carlile is pretty sweet) Speaking of alternative and indie: Los Campesinos! released Sick Scenes; Dirty Projectors release Dirty Projectors; and Hippo Campus are climbing up the scene with landmark. Guitarist John Mayer is slow releasing his new album and the second part is out today The Search for Everything Wave Two. Hip hop artist Future released HNDRXX. Rapper Oddisee released The Icebreaker.

Flurries! Time for last week's releases: It's The List.

And now for an odd list and then some things I've been listening to over the past few weeks.

Seeing Double From One Friday (2/10) to the Next (2/17)

2/10: Molly Nilsson layered production of her songs. 2/17: Molly Burch and her guitar driven songwriter sensebilities

2/10: Noveller with its ambient instrumental journey. 2/17: Novella and their low key but compelling psych rock

2/10 Crushed Stars and their low key charmers 2/17 Amy MacDonald releases Crushed Stars

 And now for the trifecta: On February 10th, Meatbodies release their vintage rock reminescent of The Who, Led Zeppelin and Wolfmother The next week, Rogue Wave release a cover album. Also - Meat Wave (mindblown) release their great rock album that is an accessible intensity like Queens of the Stone Age.

That was fun. So I'm just going to throw the rest of my liked albums from the last couple weeks up on the Spotify lists (click over below or follow me - bunkamade - on Spotify) and you can take a listen. I try to keep it clean, but I don't make promises. So have a listen, hope you find something you like and Happy Listening! (spotify lists coming after I get a chance at them)