The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

All right people, it's Friday and I'm turning my baseball cap inside out and rallying. I got the worst cold after Monday. I cancelled lessons yesterday, cancelled the podcast, and just laid on the couch. I even took medicine, which I just don't do because I can deal, but I couldn't breathe and my whole head was tense due to my sore throat which led to little sleep. I slept last night. Glorious. I took a 30 minute nap today. Beautiful. I did dishes, I'm typing this blog, I got some business things done. Rally cap. And like all the hot tea in the world. I haven't had coffee since Monday. But I think tomorrow is the day, I think I'll be ready tomorrow for that glorious brew. Mmm... Anyway, buckle up buckaroos because today's quite the musical ride.

The woman with a voice like no other Macy Gray is back with Stripped. Popular "hey" rock band, The Head and The Heart, (But there is so much more them than that) are out with Signs of Light. Toeing the popular and indie line, Okkervil River release Away. Speaking of indie/alt, let's walk that line for a bit: Jack White collected his acoustic recordings and released Jack White Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016; Wilco has Schmilco; Grouplove and their dancey fun rock style with Big Mess; Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds with Skeleton Tree; Local Natives' Sunlit Youth; Teenage Fanclub let us know they're Here after 6 years. St Paul & The Broken Bones with all those horns create Sea of Noise. And electronic amazement M.I.A. released Aim. Oh and country star Billy Ray Cyrus saunters back with Thin Line. Whew.

Take a breather with The List from last week.

Some Recommendations with the most inappropriate titles I've used ever but I can't change their names

Nouvelle Vague, Athol Brose - It has this vibe of Getz/Gilberto so if you enjoy that album, this is something fresh to turn your ears to.

y La Bamba, Ojos Del Sol - I was floored by this. Also, a lot of misnomers or misleaders this week because the songs I listened to were at least started in English but now I'm concerned that maybe I wasn't paying attention. Anyway, fun indie rock. Because that's my alley cat.

Sex Stains, Sex Stains - This just screams Burger Records to me but it's Don Giovanni Records. Anyway, this is great too.

King Creosote, Astronaut Meets Appleman - Creative indie rock. There's a bagpipe on one song. (at least one song, but I noticed it on one)

Goblin Cock, Necronomidonkeykongimicon - Like I said, most uncensored list I've done but this is playful metal.

The Frightnrs, Nothing More To Say - This ska/reggae beat with soulful melodies is really fun to put on, just like the season right now. Sad about the lead singer though.

Eluvium, False Readings On - When my head hurt so bad yesterday and I put on "Drowning Tone," it just soothed everything. I felt like I was cocooned. I will forever be grateful for that. I mean it's just tones ebbing side to side like perpetual motion toy. I could put this on repeat for an hour.

The Divine Comedy, Foreverland - This is not what I thought it would be. It's like light peppy sing-along indie rock, Beatles influenced, not the death metal I thought it would be when I started drawing out the rings of hell and such...

Chris Farren, Can't Die - Interesting songs and fun instrumentation. Okay I admit, if you include some sort of 8 bit somewhere in your album and I hear it, I'm hooked. I can't help it.

Signals Midwest, At This Age- Angsty rock the way I like it

The Wedding Present, Going, Going... - There is a lot of ground covered in this album. The first four tracks are instrumental and after that you kinda get into a "normal" alt rock album

Beach Baby, No Mind No Money - Here's your CA beach with a little more ping to it than I usually giving into.

Robots and Monsters, Nothing To Fear Nothing To Fight - This is my metal pick this week I suppose. It's got the things I enjoy in a metal song and does it succinctly and well. That's right, I can take metal and make it just as boring sounding as anything else. But you know what I can talk up a storm around? Polka music.

Warhaus, We Fucked A Flame Into Being - Specifically the song "Machinery" makes me imagine the sound as if Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes were a drudgy noir band.

So there. Take that cold. Didn't think I could write a whole almost-cohesive-with-descriptions post? Well I did. Because I had a rally cap. And tea. And chocolate. And celery with ranch dressing sprinkled with bacon bits. Anyhoot - Happy Listening!