The Friday Refrain: Saturday Edition!

Welp. Time moves swiftly, does it not? As you may notice, I have done some redoing. Including my name. Bunkamade. Bunka is one of my nicknames made when my husband tried to say bear and becca and honey? I think, and it came out, "Bunka." So I came up with bunkamade. Like bunka made crafts. bunka made music. bunka made blog. Because I made it. Thank you, I think it's clever too. Anyway, we were delving into the past half-year of music for the podcast this week and sadly I haven't kept up with July well. So I'm going to do a July round-up over the next two weeks.

As for yesterday, Wilco celebrated the one year anniversary of their free album Star Wars last year with a single titled "Locator." PJ Harvey also sent out a single, "Guilty." Of Aerosmith fame and now with a solo album, Steven Tyler released We're All Somebody From Somewhere. Bluegrass band The Earls of Leicester released Rattle & Roar. Jeff Beck released Loud Hailer. One of my personal favorite musicians Amanda Palmer teamed up with her dad Jack Palmer to bring us You Got Me Singing. Speaking of Amanda, sometimes-collaborator Jherek Bischoff released Cistern yesterday as well. And that's the dig.

No list this week because seriously, I was so immersed in January-June that I didn't listen to a peep from last week. (take that back, listened to Heart yesterday but that was it)

Anyway, look forward to the next two weeks as I will be putting in some good effort. Instead, I have a pretty wide-ranging playlist of a bunch of stuff from the first half of the year that I've been enjoying. And with that, Happy Listening!