The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

Good morrow to you all! It is an odd day here at the roost. There is something in bloom or growing around our house that I'm extremely allergic to. Noted that it was neighborhood based when I realized I was miserable all morning, left neighborhood for a haircut and was completely fine, came back and started blowing my nose every 10 minutes and sneezing constantly. yay.So let's just get lost in some tunes.

Hey if you're in the Twin Cities, don't forget it's Pride weekend and Jazz Fest, so there are an insane amounts of opportunities to go see some music. Just wear ear protection, hydrate and listen to your body. Anyway,

The Avett Brothers  are back today with True Sadness. You know it's kinda a light headliner day, but there are some others out there. DJ Shadow released The Mountain Will Fall today. On the indie/alt scene, we have Hot Hot Heat, Hot Hot Heat and Deerhoof, The Magic. Also, I will be checking out Alice Bag's eponymous album which came out today as well. I apologize if I'm missing things, I feel like a brick is sitting where my brain used to be. At least my hair looks good.

Here read this List while I blow my nose.

Things I Liked Last Week so far

JAMBINAI, A Hermitage - I don't know what this is, but it's interesting. It's kinda like instrumental metal but it doesn't build to the harsh sounds often or for much.

Told Slant, Going By - you know those weird old low-key Modest Mouse songs? This is kinda like that.

The Hot Sardines, French Fries & Champagne - Jazz like 20s/30s jazz

M. Craft, Blood Moon - low key singer-songwriter kinda pretty and neat

Hailu Mergia, Wede Harer Guzo - It may be a reissue but man this is simply delightful funk/jazz of the 60s

CCR Headcleaner, Tear Down the Wall - I think that any album with a track called "Eat This Riff" should get a nod of respect.

And that's what I've got this week. I was trying to make clever lists but then I already used some of those bands for ones I like and... it just felt like such a thing. Especially when your brain turns into a brick. I hope your brain doesn't turn into a brick. Happy Listening!