The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

(originally I was going to use a picture of my yard because it's insane. Instead, I'm showing evidence of why I believe my son is actually a hybrid dinosaur cooked up by Ingen) My yard is a jungle. Look at that grass. Also, while mowing, a small rodent of some type came leaping out of the grass in front of me and bounded away. The grass is so long that it was gone upon landing. I'm so glad it got out of the way. Poor little guy. And last Sunday, there was a raccoon in our yard marking the dead tree branch laying in the pile spot. So yeah, it's time to do something about this. Sorry about last week - I was off watching dinosaurs duke it out on the big screen. I had a place holder post in mind but it didn't happen. I'll get better at that. Someday. It's on my improvement list.

It's a long list.

But not THIS LIST. And last week's list. Bam. Double bam. Take it.

So Muse came out with an album last week, Drones, continuing their blend of their early music with the music of U2. Mika has an album out this week, No Place In Heaven! Haven't listened to it but I'm excited by that. Mates of State released an EP this week as well titled You're Going To Make It. James Taylor is back with Before This World. Hilary Duff is keeping the pop popping with Breathe In. Breathe Out. Adam Lambert from one of those singing shows, right? is here with The Original High. And Yonder Mountain String Band serenade us with their new album, Black Sheep.

*catches breath*

Baby is crying. And so I suppose that has to be it today. This kid is pulling up on things and it's made it not conducive to typing on computer while sitting at coffee table anymore. Gotta go teach him how to mow. Also, I'm pretty sure he is part new hybrid dinosaur from Jurassic World. The similarities are uncanny. If you're out enjoying the summer air and music this weekend, remember to hydrate, wear sunscreen and Happy Listening!