The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

Okay so I lied, I didn't come back Monday with last week's list. I don't know what I was thinking when I said that. We were hosting a party on Saturday, Sunday was recovery/hang out with baby day, and then it was suddenly Monday. So apologies but here I am back and at it! This week is crazy with releases over 150 and counting, and I just had to call it. I don't even think I'm going to get all of the big ones in the recap. I'll forget somebody, I know I will... I had a taste of almost half the list though. I'm pretty impressed by that and will toot my horn. (though I don't know what I have to eat for lunch so that takes me down a peg) I'm a little all over the place because 1. coffee. and 2. I've been playing with the a very up-down teething baby this morning. Currently he is entranced by a cold washcloth and the fact that he can hold it in his mouth with no hands. But previously we were working with the zany zoo, pictured above.

Zany list! Watch out, it's a big one.

All right, releases of note this week - we've got Mumford & Sons back with Wilder Mind going with a different sound than before. Alternative/Indie rockers (is that even a term anymore, but what replaces it? Diverse sounding rock group that is popular but not like arena popular?) My Morning Jacket released The Waterfall and you can look forward to some discussion on that one in the next Half Pints Whole Notes. Ciara is back with Jackie - I don't know I've always had a soft spot for her. I at least check out each release. California rockers Best Coast bring that sunshine even into the sad songs of California Nights. And I would walk a hundred centimeters, maybe even 100 inches to my computer to turn on the new Proclaimers album, Let's Hear It For The Dogs. I once saw them in concert when I was younger and couldn't understand much because of their accents. But I still had fun. And another of my favorites with their odd harmonies and sounds, Django Django released Born Under Saturn.

Other things out this week

Andreya Triana, Giants - the first song reminded me of Adele

Ducktails, Headbanging in the Mirror - just a single but a fun peppy fuzzy rock single

Oddisee, The Good Fight- I like this rap album.

Granger Smith, 4x4 - some country pop about back roads and drinking

Downtown Boys, Full Communism - Punk with horns. Horns as in the instrument, that is.

Hop Along, Painted Shut- if you need some female singer-songwriter music for this week

Jacco Gardner, Hypnophobia - If you're digging the Django Django sound, check this out too. Not the same harmonizing but it's got some similarities.

Okay there are so many more great releases this week, just throw a dart at the list and pick something to listen to. But did I mention a teething baby? Yeah, turns out those need more attention than normal. It has taken me over 2 hours to write this post. And I had so many other ideas to throw into today but I don't think they're getting included. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. You know, these holidays like this, ones for mothers, teachers, grandparents, nurses - what they are isn't just another way for card companies to make money (though yes it does make them money) but really the thought behind this is to make sure we take a minute in our busy world to stop and actually appreciate, voice that appreciation, show it in some way to those who help us. Yes, some people can remember to do that and are good at it but I think most of us really do need a reminder, a day set aside to help us make sure we've stopped what we're doing and said thank you. So instead of getting all glib or snooty, just make sure you've stopped to appreciate those around you and in your life who help you get done what you get done. That's why I'm not concerned about celebrating Mother's Day, per se, in my household unless by using this date that is printed on most calendars helps as a reminder. Does that make sense? I hope so. Well, there you go. ANd with that Happy Listening!