The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

Today is our 6th wedding anniversary which is pretty crazy. And we're still having fun. So the zoo and Irish bar food are on the docket because that's how we celebrate.

Flying jahoosaphats! It's The List.

So many albums I want to sink my teeth into this week: Alabama Shakes are back (finally! I've been looking forward to this one) with Sound & Color. Goes a little Otis Redding, then there's this rock track and the end is new territory for them. They Might Be Giants released Glean. Mavis Staples released an EP titled Your Good Fortune. What else? Passion Pit, Kindred and Built To Spill, Untethered Moon.

I'm going to play a game. I listened to one or two tracks and then wrote down the first thing it made me think of. Which may or may not be accurate. Go.

Girl Band, The Early Years EP - noisier Dismemberment Plan

Speedy Ortiz, Foil Deer - Liz Phair

10 Years, From Birth To Burial - Mars Volta

A Silent Film, New Year - U2 and Muse

Good Riddance, Peace In Our Time - The Offspring

Hardcore Superstar, HCSS - Jane's Addiction (I was listening to "The Ocean," I'm just saying it because I listened to another track and I didn't get that but "The Ocean" was very much Jane's Addiction)

Bright Like The Sun, Bright Like The Sun - Explosions in the Sky

Roadkill Ghost Choir, Keep It Under Cover - the guy sounded like Jim James.

Miniboone, Bad Sports - Elvis Costello (actually that was my husband but only because he paid attention first)

All right the animals at the zoo are calling my name. Time to bolt. Happy Listening!