The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

Okay. I have ten minutes. And then I have to go back to stuff. So here we go. What can we do in ten minutes?

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Watch out, it's a big one - THE LIST

Holy release day, Batmusicaman! (Wow, just looked it up, no actual Batman musical? Hm... It'd be way less dangerous than a Spiderman musical I'm guessing. Oh crap. Time's a-wasting) This week, I just can't even. It's too much. it's well here goes... Seal is back with 7. I'm going to have that rose song in my head now. Let's stick with the 90s, Natalie Merchant rerecorded her album Tigerlily and it is out today titled, Paradise is There: The New Tigerlily Recordings. Speaking of rerecording, Björk made an acoustic version of her January album and calls it Vulnicura Strings. Drifting back in time - Mr. Bob Dylansir's bootleg series is out with The Cutting Edge 1965-1966. Adding yet another thing I can't afford or really have room for currently to the list of things I want. Speaking of veteran awesome musicians, Billy Gibbons & The BFGs have Perfectamundo out today. Bouncing to the current popular scene - Ellie Goulding's album Delirium hits shelves today as well as CeeLo Green's Heart Blanche. Country megastar Tim McGraw released Damn Country Music. And if you like Sylvan Esso, check out Made of Oak which is the dude's new project and it is more electronic and not really vocal, so just heads up. There we go.

Turns out I get a bit more than 10 minutes thankfully. That means I can give you a few things from the week of release past:

Grupo Fantasma, Problemas - Currently pouring out of my speakers right now, this is lively and tight Latin music. Good for a pick-me-up or to dance around your space.

Greys, Repulsion - I'm really liking my rock this week and I appreciate a good little 3 song set, and that's what these guys deliver.

Alan Lee, An Australian Jazz Anthology - I didn't check out the details on what this is but I put it on and it's enjoyable.

Emmi, "60 Minutes" - Good little single.

Schmu, Come Into My Arms - Little fuzzy playground of rock action right here. I'll take it.

Younghusband, Dissolver  - A little more psychedelickish rock action

Harmonia, Deluxe - So this is a reissue. Coming from the same time as Kraftwerk but hasn't gotten the popularity and it should. This is a solid album. I love it. Listened to it several times and even almost made the Half Pints list. But we try to stay away from reissues. Anyway, if you like Tame Impala or that other band that came out around the same time but people seemed to like more but I didn't, then you should check this out.

All right, more than 10 minutes of writing but I got lucky. THANK GOODNESS. (napping kid - a napping kid who is going to be over the 1 year mark by next week's Friday Refrain! Crazy) Which is why I need to get going. Got to get the party decorations going. Figure out the party food. Do some dishes, dust some shelves, vacuum some rugs. Really I need to sweep the floors because that scoundrel likes to eat random discarded food. I'd be giving him too much credit to think he dropped food from his chair on purpose for later. I feed him snack. Don't worry. He's just crazy. All right. Go forth and Happy Listening!