The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

I'm back! Happy New Year to all. I hope it finds everyone starting off on a fresh foot and full of energy. Sorry for the extended vacation of the Friday Refrain - fortunately not much happens in the world of music releases between Christmas and the first week of January. I was all set for last week but never hit the publish button, but the list was pretty svelte around 30 some releases or so. But this week, we're back up there with almost 60.

Fwah! The List. (Fwah - like I just flung The List through the air like a frisbee)

So the big stuff of the week? Papa Roach released another single off their upcoming release, "Never Have To Say Goodbye." Panda Bear released Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper. If you can't get enough of that fun poppy retro style of Meghan Trainor, never fear she released Title this week - a full length album. Mark Ronson is out with Uptown Special. And the official U.S. release of The Ting Ting's Super Critical was this week as well.

Other things I enjoyed this week:

Ella Henderson, Chapter One - Good pop with a bit of the sound of Adele in her voice.

Guster, Evermotion - This band has certainly evolved over the years, and they continue that with this album. Easily fitting  in with other indie bands of today, this album was a pleasant surprise. Note: I fell in love with this band when they opened for Barenaked Ladies way back when. I have a Culver's bib signed by them somewhere.

Animal Daydream, Easy Pleasures - It's got that sunny California retro sound that can be refreshing during the cold days of January

Moon King, "Roswell" - This single is pretty fun with reminders of the good 80s pop I like in the background.

Well a short but sweet Friday Refrain. Next week the releases start picking up again with Sleater Kinney and The Decemberists releasing their anticipated albums. As for me, well, more time for listening to be done now that I've finished watching every season of Chuck. Happy Listening!