The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music

Happy Bonnaroo weekend to all! I always knew that one year I wouldn't be able to make the wonderful trek to home, and it ended up being this year. So this week it's a Bonnaroo theme. One of the reasons Bonnaroo attracts so many people every year is the diversity in music they present. This year, it's pretty obvious just by reading the three headliners: Elton John, Jack White and Kanye West. So I've picked a few things out of the new releases stack this week to fit into the types of music I'd normally be listening to in the course of the weekend.

But first - The List

Veteran/Older Act: Chrissie Hynde, Stockholm

Poppier: Candy Hearts, All The Ways You Let Me Down

World: Quantic, Magnetica


Hangout under a tree and listen: Streets of Laredo, Lonsdale Line

Web of Sound: Glass Animals, ZABA

Bluegrass: Gentlemen of Bluegrass, Carolina Memories

Metal: Though not always represented, there is usually something you can catch. Equilibrium, Erdentempel

Late Night Electonica: Tomas Barford, Love Me

Americana: Rose Windows, There Is A Light

Happy Listening!

Friday Refrain is a weekly post regarding what new releases have caught my ear for the week. I try to compile a pretty comprehensive list of releases of the week and see what is available for me to listen to on the web. This is just my non-scientific, highly-subjective, randomly-listened-to list of stuff from the week. Oh, and I don’t always listen to lyrics or look at album art/music videos, so appropriateness is left up to the listener