The Friday Refrain: A bit about what's new in music

Happy Friday! Well, this week Fuel is back with Puppet Strings and their original singer, Brett Scallions. Pharrell Williams released GIRLS this week as well. It's a fun listen, including the Oscar-nominated song, "Happy." Drive-By Truckers released English Oceans and definitely check out Real Estate, Atlas.  And to make this even more interesting, I'm just going to throw out there: Lea Michele, Louder; Zibba & AlmaLibra, Senza Pensare All’Estate; Rick Ross, Mastermind, and Ektomorph, Retribution. Now there's a cornucopia of music.

And now: The List.

Playground of Rock:

Soft White Sixties, Get Right - Just a fun listen

Arthur Beatrice, Working Out - The singer sounds like Florence & the Machine without the loud

We Are Scientists, TV en Français

Eagulls, Eagulls

Anne, Pulling Chain - Electronica Rock

Eternal Summers, The Drop Beneath - Kinda noisy California rock

Ava Luna, Electric Balloon

Axxa/Abraxas, Axxa Abraxas - One of my favorites of the week

Carla Bozulich, Boy - Electronic Rock. Wait, is that a thing? If not, now it is. I've used it twice this week. Think synthy or non-real instruments but there's singing. I'll refine this soon.

Trust, Joyland - Electronic rock

Nick Waterhouse, Holly - That throwback sound

Stone Jack Jones, Ancestor

Ghost Beach, Blonde - it's got a definite 80's vibe

The Revivalists, City of Sound



PINS, Girls Like Us - Check this one out

Ume, Monuments - I think I'm just on a female vocal/rock kick this week. This one too.

Birth of Joy, Prisoner

Lushes, What Am I Doing

Slates, Taiga



Charlotte Sometimes, By Request

Stanley Brinks & The Wave Pictures, Gin

John Gorka, Bright Side of Down



American Authors,  Oh, What A Life

Barcelona, Cure - single off upcoming album

The Whistles & The Bells, The Whistles & The Bells - Lumineers sounding



Ags Connolly, How About Now - My style of country and a good morning listen

David Nail, I'm A Fire

Eli Young Band, 10,000 Towns

Chad Brownlee, Fallin Over You

Robben Ford, Day In Nashville


Pink Martini & The Von Trapps, Dream A Little Dream

The Unsemble, The Unsemble

Current 93, I am the Last of all the Field That Fell

Linda Perhacs, The Soul of all Natural Things

Christian Rock:

The Royal Royal, The Return of the King

Jason Gray, Love Will Have the Final Word

I'm feeling in the thick of this season and it's made me introspective and mute, it seems. My hibernation of the mind is in full effect. The skin on my knuckles is tough and cracked. I can feel the change happening though. The sun is hot when it shines. Birds are active and freaking out my cat. The eaves are dripping. Slowly, but it's there. My brain will thaw, my witticisms and eccentricity will come back. It's just on hiatus right now, sleeping in the back of my mind. Until then, Happy Weekend! <"Grow" by Prisoner kicks into full effect in foreground, credits roll>

 Friday Refrain is a weekly post regarding what new releases have caught my ear for the week. I try to compile a pretty comprehensive list of pop/rock releases of the week and see what is available for me to listen to on the web. This is just my non-scientific, highly-subjective, randomly-listened-to list of stuff from the week. Oh, and I don’t always listen to lyrics or look at album art/music videos, so appropriateness is left up to the listener.