The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music

It must be spring - The Baseball Project released 3rd this week and the weather is finally looking up (for now). Speaking of baseball, The Big Bumble Bees and their eponymous album has a magnificent ballpark-sounding organ in the instrumentation. Also this week, Barry Manilow released Night Songs; a new old Johnny Cash album, Out Among The Stars; and Elton John released an Anniversary Set for Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

Hey! It's the list with over 50% genre-fied by me.

Stuff I've Been Looking Forward To

The Hold Steady, Teeth Dreams - I like it. Revisiting the feel from the older albums, but with new twists. I'll take it.

The Belle Brigade, Just Because - It's on my To-Listen for this weekend, but still, I've been waiting on this.

The Colourist, The Colourist - I like it. It's got some good songs on it. Give her a whirl.

Let's Groove

3BallMTY, Globall - Obvious swearing on some songs, so I'll actually warn because I noticed it. But man, I'm going to dance-clean the house so fast to this.

Mr. Little Jeans, Pocketknife - I love the cover of Arcade Fire's "The Suburbs." How did they make it slower and poppier at the same time?

Sleeper Agent, About Last Night

Wait, it's spring!

Spirit Kid, Is Happening - Listening to this reminded me that it's time to put on The Kinks. Everyone listens to The Kinks in spring, right?

The Baseball Project, 3rd - Yeah, I mentioned it earlier, but thought you might need a reminder.

Left field suggestion (ha! I didn't even see that until I wrote it... Ah segues...): The Bad Plus, The Rite of Spring

Wunder Wunder, Coastline - Sunny Rock single


These two songs in a row:

Cage The Gods, Badlands, "Bruce Willis"

L.R.S., Down To The Core, "Never Surrender"



Circa Zero, Circus Hero

Jim Oblon, Sunset

Owls, Two

Seahaven, Reverie Lagoon: Music For Escapism Only

Not Sure. Not Yet, Grow

Big Scary, Not Art

Erica Campbell, Help

Should, The Great Pretend

Future Islands, Singles

Desert Noises, 27 Ways

Another list, another week and time to bid adieu. Have a great weekend and happy listening! (Fade out to "Bad Nendorf" by The Big Bumble Bees)

Friday Refrain is a weekly post regarding what new releases have caught my ear for the week. I try to compile a pretty comprehensive list of releases of the week and see what is available for me to listen to on the web. This is just my non-scientific, highly-subjective, randomly-listened-to list of stuff from the week. Oh, and I don’t always listen to lyrics or look at album art/music videos, so appropriateness is left up to the listener