the Friday refrain: stomach bug edition

It's the season for Yuletide and carols, and sniffles and flulike symptoms. So today, in honor of the fact that I have been coasting in and out of achy awareness to lightweight slumber, illness is when binging tv or watching favorite moves is the only cure. and lots of run-on sentences. here are some of my favorite movie music moments.

Brachiosaurus landing on the ground , Jurassic Park - probably the greatest movie music moment ever in my book. Givesme chills every time. Also, I can not wait til June!M!! I am a bit of a fan.

l.A. story, the morning scene with the love interest playing the tuba and Steve Martin switches the shower into slo-mo or even the weird deer scene at that dinner partying enya

Toys, the part with the enya (again? huh.) song at the beginning. Goosebumps

Muppet Christmas Carol, the whole thing. This is my favorite holiday movie. I love all of it. I listen to the soundtrack t least once every couple of days in the month of December and am often singing it. The. Best.

So my brain is taxed and I just asked my husband for some more. I love it when our age difference shows: Purple rain, Wayne's world, spice world, simple men, and o brother where art thou..

Oh, Almost Famous, Elizabethtown, and last but not least, Rushmore. Excuse me, I'm going to go binge watch Wes Anderson now. Happy listening/watching!

Ps. Sorry for all the mistakes. I am not going to edit. Or use correct punctuation, the fact I was cognizant enough to pick up the iPad and write this at all is impressive. Still, apologies