A Last Minute Checklist

I promise that I'll post about something else soon. Coming up I'll share my summer fun plan for piano lessons, projects from the house, and a new weekly project!  But first...

So you're going on vacation to somewhere in a tent. Here's a fortnight checklist:

Tent stuff together? (Tent, poles, mallet, stakes)

Throw a bunch of water bottles in the freezer. Not only will this be handy for drinking later - it'll also save you on ice money for the cooler.

Packing List? (Here's my festival checklist, if you need a starting point)

Freshened up your car? (Inside and out: I get a once over on my car when I have my oil changed before a trip. Also, when did you last replace those windshield wipers?)

Cleaned your cooler?

Have your car games ready? (a deck of Trivial Pursuit and Outburst cards are pretty nifty in my book)

And a few more tips for the Bonnaroo crowd:

- Packing your Centeroo stuff in plastic bag will not just make your stuff rain proof, but could speed along your bag check this year. (Check out Survival of Preparedest for more on this)

- Pack a set of clothes that stay fresh and hidden. When you reenter the real world, you'll look and smell a lot less like you've been in a field for 4 days.

- Prepare for it all: Hot and cold weather, wet and dry: long sleeves, no sleeves, pants, shorts, sandals, shoes, poncho, hat, bandanna

Hydrate. Use sunscreen. Wear ear plugs. You'll be glad you did.