Yum: Homemade Frozen Burritos

Last weekend we had our annual Cinco De Taco party, and it was fantabulous! Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures until much later in the evening. The next day, I thought about putting leftovers back into dishes and taking some pictures. Then just draw some stick people in eating tacos and sitting around having a good time. But I didn't want to do dishes twice. So I'll be certain to take pictures this weekend for our housewarming party, and share them all next week.

But today: What to do with those taco leftovers when you still have 2 pounds of beans and can't stand the thought of another bite?


You need:



Refried Beans (or just mashed in my case)

1. Take the tortilla

2. For a challenge, first sprinkle the cheese

3. Spread some beans on without getting the knife messy with cheese

Or just be smart: First Beans, then the cheese. Also, make sure the beans are more like this:

More room at bottom and top, thicker in middle than at the ends.

Okay, now fold in the ends:

Fold over one side

Before you fold over the next side, here's the secret: Smear a bit of beans on the edge of the burrito


Finish by folding over the other side, and pressing down along the edge. The beans will help keep the tortilla together.

Now just stack them up (if you're fancy and prepared, put a piece of waxed paper inbetween each so they don't freeze together) and put them in the freezer. Reheat in the microwave for a minute or two, and enjoy!