Wedding Week: The Dress

Originally I planned on posting about how it all came together, but I have a few odds and ends to work on.  Anyway, tomorrow, the wedding but today the dress.

Ah, the dress.

The dress was inspired by a Vera Wang dress I tried on at a Macy's Vera Wang trunk show. There were two dresses that were so stunning, my mom offered to buy one of them right then. But I had a different idea. I wanted to make my dress. My mom and then-future-mother-in-law both sew as well, and I wanted the dress to be made by all of us. We went fabric shopping together, and we were supposed to make the dress together but timing didn't end up working well. My mom did help me with the mock-up though and Raulie's mom helped me finishing the dress frantically right before the wedding.

Originally I was thinking of an empire dress with flowing layers of waffled organza, but when we got to the fabric store, we found something different.

The ombre organza beneath the lace goes from pale blue to a dark green (our colors were green, blue and brown - very earthy spring), and the lace was just perfect: petals attached that saturated towards the bottom with a leaf pattern. Our wedding was on Arbor Day and it felt so fitting.

My friend whose feet are shown in the picture above described my look as Victorian-20s-Modern. The bodice and underlying silk layer were from another friend's wedding dress. Graciously given to me, I took the off-white organza and silk from the bottom half, and saved her bodice and lace for her. 

The last thing I wanted for my dress was to be able to wear it later. I still haven't touched it, but if I got rid of the train, I think it would work well. Or removing the lace and just leave the ombre organza.

But the best part of my dress? I could still play in it.