Little Things: Shower Crayons

Has this ever happened to you: In the middle of shampooing your hair, you have the greatest idea you've ever had, quickly you try to finish your shower, get soap in your eyes, scramble for the towel, finally get some paper and a writing utensil and are ready to write - but, what was that again? Suddenly you drop to your knees, screaming, "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" to the heavens as your brilliant idea drifts lazily to the atmosphere and dissipates into nothing.

Me too.

Until the other day, in the shower I realized:

So that's what I did. They're in the baby bath section of Target, in case you're wondering. We spent 10 minutes trying to track them down. (I don't ask for directions when driving nor when shopping unless I'm at a home improvement store.)

Next, we needed a place to store them. The bathroom is still a thought in progress, so I didn't want to buy anything in case it became useless in a month or so. Instead, I grabbed a snack sized Pringles cup, a couple of shower hooks, my screwdriver, some twine, and -


Leave notes to your love, reminders of chores, inspired thoughts, whatever you want. A picture of a bear.

After I put this together, neither of us needed it. I feared I had ruined inspired showers forever - then last Sunday, Raulie was inspired... And today, I used it to write out a few quick thoughts.

Best shower idea ever.