Little Things: Score Keeper

One of the first things to be put on the wall at our new house was the dart board. Maybe even the first thing, actually. We kept score on note pads for awhile, but I knew there could be an easier way. So I dug into my pile of "Things That Don't Work Now But Will Have Purpose Someday" pile and came up with:


Dry Erase Key Holder Board (missing certain elements but still had its marker!)

Canada Shoelace (I don't know where it came from - my siblings? thin air?)

Seed Bead Capsule (I have had it for 10 years, but always knew it would be excellent someday)

It turned out that the little areas in the Dry Erase Board work well for storing things.

Now we can keep track of games and store all the dart accoutrements right next to where we throw. Yay!