Homemade Pizza Rolls!

I've been meaning to post this recipe for a while. I was inspired after making baked egg rolls and still having a handful of wrappers left. A good recipe if you find yourself stuck at home (like in a snowstorm, perhaps?) and want a little fun.

1. Prep your veggies and meat. I use about 1 pepperoni per roll, and just a few pieces of green pepper and onion each. Dice.  


2. Next get all your ingredients ready assembly-line-style to begin making some rolls.

Ingredients all set to roll

3. Add 1 Tablespoon tomato sauce towards the bottom 3rd of the wrapper. Then sprinkle with a little bit of pepperoni, onion and pepper. Lastly add cheese. Don't go overboard or you will have oozing pizza rolls!

Add SauceAdd Veggies and Meat.Cheesy!4. Now we're ready to roll 'er up! Flip up bottom tail, and roll over once Goldilocks style - not too tight and not too loose! Then fold in side points, again Goldilocks style. Then roll the rest of the way.

First RollTuck in corners.5. Cover a baking sheet with foil, spray with cooking spray. Place rolls on tray and brush lightly with oil if you want a crispy outside.

Rolls ready to bake6. Bake 10-15 minutes, turn, and bake another 10-15 minutes at 425 degrees Farenheit. Voila!

Pizza Rolls!Watch out though - just like any pizza roll, these need to sit for a few minutes lest you burn your mouth! You can add or delete any toppings, though I suggest you keep the onion. When I tried sauce, cheese and onion pizza rolls, they still had the idea of pizza and italian food without adding any other spices.


Homemade Pizza Rolls


Egg roll wrappers

Any veggies desired and/or meat, diced (about one slice of pepperoni or 1/2 tsp. veggie per roll)

Tomato Sauce

Cooking Spray


1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees Farenheit.

2. Place egg roll wrapper on surface; position so it looks like a diamond. About 1/3 up from the bottom point, add one tablespoon of sauce, sprinkle desired veggies and meat on top. Don't overfill or your pizza roll will erupt!

3. Fold the bottom triangle over filling and roll over once, fold over pointy edges to enclose the edges. Roll it up.

4. Spray foil covered baking sheet with cooking spray, arrange pizza rolls on foil. Brush with oil if you want a crispy outside.

5. Bake 10-15 minutes, turn, bake 10-15 minutes more. Take out and enjoy!

And remember - inside that delicious beautiful pizza roll is a molten lava that will burn your tongue off - so just wait a few minutes before consuming.


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