A note about productivity and wearing shoes.

I have realized the oddest thing about myself: to be productive, I must wear shoes. Depending on what I want to accomplish, I need to put on the correct shoes. My running shoes are also my cleaning shoes. My slip-on shoes work for thinking, reading, really any leisurely activity. My regular shoes are a bit tricky though. Sometimes I can put them on and be really productive in anything, while other times I sit on my blue spinny chair and stare at the screen, my keyboard or out the window.

This morning, I decided to put on shoes because before that all I could do was work on this:

(That's going to be a 2000 piece Starry Night someday)

I put on my regular shoes, but it didn't really work. I did move from the dining room to the workroom, cleaned it a bit and was inspired to make magnetic notes:

But they looked so cool on the magnets, that I didn't want to cut them apart. So I decided to take this picture and write about it. And now it's time to go teach piano lessons. Another (semi)productive regular shoe day at home.

Probably should have worn the running shoes.


on 2011-04-29 16:47 by Becca Ruiz

I realize now that some of the music notes are backwards. You would think I had been wearing these:

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