The Friday Refrain: What's New In Music

So if you follow me on Twitter, you already know what I've been listening to this morning: Chuchoter and Free Cake For Every Creature. Let's see what else is out today...

New Music

Making waves due to the album cover controversy of why transgender model Amanda Lapore was removed, Travis Scott released Astroworld today. Staying the realm of rap, YG is back with Stay Dangerous. Iggy Azalea released an ep today, Survive the Summer. And then there's Mac Miller with Swimming. Into the country vein we have Lucero's Among the Ghosts and Jim Lauderdale's Time Flies. On the indie side of the world, Houndmouth is releasing Golden Age, their first album without Katie Tupuin and with the addition of some new members. MN native indie rockers Bad Bad Hats release Lightning Round and a personal favorite Free Cake For Every Creature are back with The Bluest Star.

Should I Bother?

  • Bad Bad Hats: they stay true to their indie rock groove here. It's easy to throw on one track and suddenly realize you've listened to half the album.
  • Free Cake For Every Creature: The vocals are almost mixed behind the instruments yet come through so clearly. It's this tenuous balance that is done so well and the songs are these great snippets of life.
  • Houndmouth: First off, I'm sure you're wondering what is different - and it is a bit different, they've shifted into a different vintage vibe but it's still good. I would give it a try.
  • Lucero: Another look at life but perhaps a bit darker than some of the last few country albums ruminating on life lately.
  • Jim Lauderdale: I like the classic sound to some of these songs, like the one I included on the playlist
  • Iggy Azalea: I think the title single is the best song on the album, but perhaps it's also that I'm trying to quickly listen on headphones while the young one is distracted...
  • Travis Scott: I'm only going to get the first track in for a listen (see above with distractions and headphones) but I will be coming back and giving this further thought.

So much music! But I highly recommend Free Cake For Every Creature for that driving on the open road montage of your life and then throw on Chuchoter when you're getting ready for your weekend tonight. Happy Listening!