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The Friday Refrain: Your Weekly New Music Digest

Today is Friday which means more music! Well, any day could guarantee more music at this point because it seems we have finally moved past the point of the unified Friday release idea. Like Nine Inch Nails and their Tuesday digital release of Add Violence. Also today Damian Marley releases Stony Hill. Tyler, the Creator has Flower Boy out today and Foster the People return with Sacred Hearts Club. Speaking of 2011/2012, Lana Del Rey is back with Lust For Life. Let's continue down the alternative/indie road with Nicole Atkins' Goodnight Rhonda Lee, Avey Tare's Eucalyptus and The Chris Robinson Band's Barefoot in the Head.

Head on over to last week's List of releases aggregated and genrefied by moi.

Argh. I have no clever lists up my sleeve this week. My creativity is sapped. Also, I'm hungry because it's lunchtime. So I'm going to go do that but! But! I did put together a little playlist of stuff I liked as I listened this week, so check that out over on the Spotifyer. And as always, Happy Listening!


The Friday Refrain: Your Weekly New Music Digest

Happy Friday everybody, it's time to check out the new music for today! Indie artists Japanese Breakfast releases the sophomore album Soft Sounds From Another Planet today and Waxahatchee comes back with Out in the Storm. Shabazz Palaces have two albums out today, count them TWO, Quazarz vs. the Jealous Machines and Quazarz: Born On A Gangster Star. And that's really the big big releases today. Next week packs some punches though so ready yourself.

Ready this List! (my aggregated list of what came out last week genrefied by me if I listened to it)

And I don't really have a list of weird connections between albums this week because I spent the majority of it listening to all the albums I liked from January to June trying to whittle down my list for the podcast. So I'm going to list somethings that won't make my list because I forgot to go back and listen to them. And then I'm going to try to give them some listens soon I hope.

My "Wish I had Paid Closer Attention" List

Fion Regan, The Meetings of the Waters - this soft-spoken singer-songwriter style album is great and then there is "Babushka-Yai Ya" which is this loud and boisterous song in the middle of a pretty chill and beautiful album.

Heinall, Anthem - It's just ambient music that really chills me out and helps me focus. I don't know how to really evaluate or put into a hierarchical system because it's just really nice, effective and pleasant to listen to.

Silja Sol, Ni Liv - this one probably only strikes me in certain moves but this album of wandering and poppy and synthy music could end up being this year's Fulhast for me.

The Dirty Nil, Minimum R&B - I like this early Weezer/Green Day sounding album. Brings me back to stealing my brother's tapes to listen to them and then returning them without notice.

Cayetana, New Kind of Normal - Garagey lo-fi assertive rock

San Cisco, The Waters - I think this would be good plopped into a summer party mix.

Mara Balls, Elava Kivi - Good solid rock.

Allison Pierce, Year of the Rabbit - Not exactly but if you're into the musical vein of Margo Price, this would be worth a listen.

Boliden, Surface - Ambient music I get.

And now I have to return to life. I hope you have a lovely weekend readers and Happy Listening!


The Friday Refrain: Your Weekly New Music Digest

It's kinda a light week for releases this week, but there are some big ones. Lil Wayne surprised the world with In tune We Trust. Indie rockers Broken Social Scene released Hug of Thunder. Toro Y Moi are back with Boo Boo and sister trio Haim return with Something To Tell You. (I hope it's as good as that first album) The other half of Big Star, Chris Bell, died at 27 and his work wasn't as well known as Alex Chilton but this year there are those trying to change that. Today Looking Forward comes out ahead of a biography about Chris Bell and a few more reissues/retrospectives are expected to be released later this year. So dive in and discover who Chris Bell is. Speaking of awesome music from yore, these guys just keep kicking it up a notch and Melvins are back with A Walk With Love And Death. Lastly, this is a fun one for our household as we have a few 45s of his, Charley Pride has a new album out today titled Music In My Heart.

Music in my List. (my aggregated list of what came out last week with genres if I got to listening to it)

Now for an odd list of my own...

Thinking Big

Origin, Unparalleled Universe

Mei Tahat, Dayworld

Black Merlin, Proto World

Baio, Man of the World

Well then, hopefully I get the Spotify list up this weekend, so check back for that. Need to go attend to life. Happy Listening!


The Friday Refrain: Your Weekly New Music Digest

Greetings! It's Friday again. Already. And we went to the library today so there is a stack of cookbooks just staring at me. I probably shouldn't have put them right next to me. I just want to lay down on the couch and start reading. But first things first.

Today in music we have two HUGE reissues: Prince's Purple Rain and Radiohead's Ok Computer. Popular Rockers with a kicking stage show Imagine Dragons released Evolve today. Jeff Tweedy of Wilco fame released Together At Last. Yonder Mountain String Band return with Love Ain't Love. Vince Staples released Big Fish Theory and Bone Thugs N Harmony have New Waves out today as well. DJ Khaled is Grateful. Finally, my excitement for today is for The Deslondes a few weeks back they had a single out that I really enjoyed and today the full release is up for grabs, Hurry Home.

Hurry Home To My List of what came out last week.

Now for an oddity list. Since it's the Solstice time of year...

Solstice List

GospelbeacH, Another Summer of Love

Hidden Orchestra, Dawn Chorus

Lost Balloons, Hey Summer

UMFANG, Symbolic Use of Light

Palm, Shadow Expert

Peaking Lights, The Fifth State of Consciousness

White Suns, Psychic Drift

Dane Uno, Everything in the Dark Comes To Light

(Bonus: Winter's response - How Did We Get So Dark? Royal Blood)

If you want...

to listen to some tenuous, fragile indie music? Try Penelope Trappe, Penelope One

a voice like Edward Sharpe and laid back vintage rock? Michael Nau, Some Twist

some noisy rock? Jason Loewenstein, Spooky Action

some classic Mexican rancheras and corridos? Antonio Aguilar, A Diez Años De Su Adiós

amazingly textured, looped and buoyant music? Dustin Wong, Are Euphoria

Okay so there's some recommendations. I could probably give about 10 rock suggestions but time is a ticking a way and there are cookbooks to read, chicken to get out of the oven, and a logic puzzle sitting here taunting me. Oh yes, I live the exciting life. Check out the Spotify playlist below, follow me on twitter (@bunkamade), and all that jazz. Speaking of jazz, if you're in the Twin Cities don't forget it is also Jazz Fest this weekend! Or if you want to see a gender bender Pirates of Penzance, check out One Voice Mixed's production on Raspberry Island... But remember, stay hydrated, reapply that sunscreen, protect those ears and Happy Listening!



The Friday Refrain: Your Weekly New Music Digest

Ahoy mateys - it's Friday again and time to break down what's going on in music. June has been absolutely bonkers with huge releases, and this week is no joke as well. But first, I missed last week due to having a ton of fun at Bonnaroo, so let's recap.

Last Friday, in case you missed it, indie rockers Big Thief released Capacity. Josh and I, as well as almost every other music commenter out there, love love loved the last album and have been anticipating this one. French rockers Phoenix came back with Ti Amo. Lindsey Buckingham & Chirstine McVie of Fleetwood Mac fame joined together to release a self-titled album. Always keeping us on our toes and intrigued, Sufjan Stevens released Planetarium. In the pop world, Katy Perry released Witness and pop country outfit Lady Antebellum returned with Heart Break. The final Chuck Berry album was released, titled Chuck. Speaking of icons with last albums, Glen Campbell's farewell album Adiós hit shelves last week. Singer-songwriter Ani DiFranco released Binary and SZA released CTRL. Gov't Mule returne with Revolution Come... Revolution Go. Punk rockers Rancid brought Trouble Maker and finally Rise Against released Wolves. And that was just last Friday.

Today: _deep breath_ Let's start with those who played at Bonnaroo last week: Lorde releases Melodrama today, Portugal. The Man return with Woodstock; Kevin Morby's back with City Music and Royal Blood's new album is How Did We Get So Dark?  Nickelback release Feed The Machine today. In the rap world, 2 Chainz and Big Boi both have albums out today, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music and Boomiverse respectively. Veteran rock bands Cheap Trick (We're All Alright!) and Styx (The Mission) also have albums out today. Singer-songwriter Jason Isbell is back with The Nashville Sound. And harmonically amazing Fleet Foxes finally finally finally have a new album - Crack-Up.

Crack into this List of last week's releases.

And that's all for me today. Time to go snuggle on the couch for a bit before jumping into the weekend. And if you're at a festival this weekend - remember stay hydrated, stay cool, wear your ear protection, reapply that sunscreen and Happy Listening!